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Forever Young Sculptures

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Creating an original work of art is an absorbing task.  Observing the model allows the vision to begin.. 

People are always wanting to know what I do and how they can do it. . . good luck trying! No one taught me and my art education was certainly no benefit.. OSMOSIS and the mother of invention were my main teachers. Read my Bio… mostly the medium I use now is Glass. It’s the most difficult and valuable. It all starts with casting plaster or clay.

Ahhh but there are shortcuts…  Click here for the real secrets!

Unlike painting or sculpting in clay, cast sculptures require much more time and inventiveness. Working with the model to share the “vision” of a pose is important. Complicated poses require multiple impressions and assembly.

Time and Patience – I cast as many poses as necessary to end up with ONE unique pose. I may cast it over and over till I get it perfect. If you Model for me, understand that my goal is to make you into a work of ART! That same principal is applied to all my finishing and reproduction techniques. If it breaks, cracks or blows up in the kiln it gets done over and over till it’s what I want.  

If it isn’t good enough to hang on a wall, you won’t see it on this website. Most of what I have done never gets seen by the public. Depending on what materials I will use to make the finished work, it may require a dozen techniques and processes to complete. Each process can take a week or more.

The micro mini mirror tile piece above took 6 months to complete. It took the model a week of posing and casting. Another copy was sold in glass.

The biggest secret is this – There is MUCH more time spent beforehand in preparation and afterwards in finishing then the actual time spent doing the sexy part that everyone sees.. taking the impression..

That’s why it’s art.

Figurative sculptures in ceramics are not too difficult, metal is easy but glass, well if you don’t have a few years to spend learning it.. don’t even start. Go to Italy, buy something, ask around.