Commissions – Media, Finishes and Costs

A virtually limitless palette to choose from… 


Cast Sculpture can be custom finished in whatever media you choose using a myriad of colors and color combinations to fit your interior space.. We have over 25 originals to choose from. 

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Here are some of your options:

Plaster – (aka – Hydrocal) Everything begins with a plaster original. 

A torso of an average 5’5” person should cost around $1500 -$2500. If you are well endowed or very tall it could double the price. Complicated poses can be done but always require a consultation.

Above prices are for originals only, no mold is made. You’ll need to come to the studio to have one made at this price. After the original is made you can select from many other available options and media.

Commissioned sculptures begin with a consultation. You can pay for the sculpture as the work is completed.

Commission Sculpture Media choices

Plaster – please refer to the new  SHOPPING PAGE

ADD for special effects, metallic’s,  marble paint or other types of  finishing

Front Torso in plaster for a petite  person begins at $1,900

All additional media choices require reproduction molds.

Master reproduction mold cost varies beginning around $1,500.

Sculpture reproductions

  • Glass – A torso in glass might cost $12,000. Add for Art Glass, Iridescent, dichroic or plated glass (Glass is the most valuable media)
  • Metal  –  Add for foundry work, Gold plate, patina and enameling (blackened bronze is the most commonly seen metal)
  • Mixed Media – Combinations of Glass, Ceramics, Metals and other design elements are possible.

All prices are estimates and based on castings done in Las Vegas studio. It is also possible to cast you at your home or hotel room. Add $1,900 plus travel expense for on site casting.

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