Forever Young Sculptures

Forever Young Sculptures

Modeling Info

Carl Young is the only person in the world who creates life sized Figurative Sculptures commissions in Glass.  He does not pay for models. Models pay him.  You may have heard of the plaster casters, life casters or Hollywood special effects people that make some kind of plaster casts. For Carl that is only the first step in a long process to make collectible sculptures.

Take a look at this video for more info:

How Long does it take?

SIMPLE poses take less then two hours.  Preparation might take an hour or more and cleaning up the same. Highly technical pieces or full body poses require multiple impressions taken over two days or more. There are many variables in the process and often we take the same impression twice.

What material do you use?

Most often the material is a plaster blend similar to what a doctor would use for prosthetics or for casting a broken bone. It is applied over your skin with a release agent. i.e Vaseline. You should shave any part of your body that has hair on it. (Don’t shave your head!) If you have dry skin put on a lot of moisturizers the night before.

How does it feel?

Relaxing – It is similar to having a health spa mud treatment.  Some people fall asleep while being cast. Almost all the models I have used have wanted to do more after their first session.

What to Wear?

You will be naked or wearing a G string. You should wear loose comfortable clothing for about an hour before your modeling session so there won’t be lines in your skin from underwear and waistbands. We will be taking some pictures so wear a little make up.

Plaster absorbs moisture from your skin. It’s like a mud spa treatment and it will remove toxins (and hair). It also blocks the body from cooling off.  If you are hot or sick or if you are doing a pose where you will have to remain under the plaster a long time, (more than 2 hours) you could pass out because your skin does not “breath”‘. Let me know if you feel hot & we’ll turn on some fans so you will get enough “air”.

I want you to be relaxed. If I ask are you comfortable in this pose? tell me the truth. If you are asleep I will already know.