Forever Young Sculptures

Forever Young Sculptures

A Live Casting Event is a truly unique opportunity to spark interest with existing and new clientele in your community. Publicity surrounding the event will be important.

Each event is a careful collaboration between the artist, the model and a creative vision. The product of this painstaking collaboration captures the beauty and complexity of the model in a timeless sculpture that can be coveted, admired, and displayed.

Carl Young limits the number of live casting events performed per year. This allows Carl to pour his heart and soul into each creation. Carl is searching for the right environment, not just any environment, for these special events. Do you think your venue should be the next Carl Young Live Casting Event? Do you have models that will inspire Carl’s creativity?

If you are chosen to host this rare event, it means that Carl believes that your venue has the
potential to provide world-class models, an amazing experience for all involved, and the commitment to make this special event a success for all.

What is a viable venue?

Carl Young has performed live castings at Art Galleries, Gentleman’s Clubs, and, for a select few individuals, at private residence parties.

There are many options available for these events. They include sculpture reproductions and salable art. Contact

EXAMPLE: Live Casting Event Package – $5900. This includes 2 poses, 2 hydrocal sculptures, and the ability to purchase additional sculptures based on the original casting at a discount for resale.