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Bespoke Commissions



To order a commissioned work of art (new original) to be made you need to begin by scheduling a casting session for Modeling the Pose you desire.

The cost to create a new derriere (back) torso is around.$900. A front torso in PLASTER is currently $1,200. All commission prices vary on the individual pose and body type. Complicated or large pieces cost more… add for the cost to make a Master Reproduction mold and other steps to create your sculpture in Glass, Metal, Ceramics, painted GFRG etc. Your finished piece in Glass could end up costing $15 – $25,000 in total but will depend on your consultation.

You start the process with a phone consultation when we will schedule your initial casting to be made. We will need an initial minimum deposit of $200 to start. IF you only wish to have a plaster original made, it is a simple commission, costing under $1,200. Depending on complexity estimates are from 8 to 12 weeks for completion. You will receive progress photos as the work is completed. Here is Lou Lou with her completed Gold Foil piece.