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Bespoke Commissions and Displays



To order a commissioned work of art (new original) to be made you need to begin by scheduling a casting session for Modeling the Pose you desire.

The cost to create a new front torso in PLASTER is currently $1,200. All commision prices will vary.  Examples: add for  complicated or large pieces… add for the cost to make a Master Reproduction mold and other steps to create your sculpture in Glass, Metal, Ceramics, GFRG etc.Your finished piece in Glass could end up costing $15 – $25,000 in total but  will depend on your consultation.

You start by scheduling your initial casting and original to be made. IF you only wish to have a plaster original made, it is a simple commission.

Carl Young is the only person in the world who creates life sized Figurative Sculptures commissions in Glass. Your consultation is the first step in the process to make your collectible sculpture. Depending on complexity estimates are from 8 to 12 weeks for completion. You will receive photos with updates as the work is completed.

Once we receive your initial deposit we will contact you to schedule an appointment. A consultation charge of $200 is applied to you sculpture purchase.